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13 May 2019 offers shared hosting plans for less than $1/ per month for a small website on cloud platform where performance and reliability is guaranteed.

HostMines Cloud Shared hosting is built with multiple physical machines to act as one machine. Therefore with Cloud Web Hosting, visitors are accessing a group of machines. They are accessing several computers resources such as disk space, RAM, and computing power, is added to make your website fly on.

Their plans start as lows as $0.95/month. As a promotional offer, HostMines provides its “Starter” Web Hosting Plan at $1 for the whole year including FREE SSL with hosting and FREE domain with hosting as well.


Cheapest Domain Service Provider is also the cheapest Domain provider ; their domain prices start from $4.95/ year and provide top-level domains like .com domain at the lowest price of $11.95/ year. HostMines also provides a wide range of domain extensions like .com/.net/.org/.info/.in/.club/.top/blog/.pro/.online/.us and many more. is now offering 340+ domain extensions to choose from. Out of it, 300+ Domain extensions are on sale. HostMines is now largest cheapest domain extension provider at the lowest price in the industry.

cheap domain names

Most of the domain service provider makes it very difficult to determine exactly what their price are. Many companies advertise cheap price on their website but by the time you tack on their fees and follow the trail of asterisks and fine print, you end up nickel-and-dimed into a higher price. These types of “tricks” will never be employed by HostMines

What you see is what you pay. No hidden cost.

Some of the most popular and gTLD extensions like

.com .net .org. .biz .info .club .agency. asia .pro .life .actor .buzz .digital .clinic . directory . discount .email .estate .events .exchange .expert .farm .finance .fitness .gift .graphics .guide .guru .link .media .mobi .parts .photo .photos .pics .pictures .properties .repair .report. review .service .social .support .tech .techology .tel .tips .today .tools .toy .trade .trading. wiki .works .zone

In teams of reliability and scalability, HostMines uses cloud base servers on SSD RAID 10 which are almost 10 times faster than regular servers and support is always on top-notch 24×7.

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