What is Cloudflare?

11 October 2018
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What is Cloudflare?


Cloudflare is a content delivery network that offers varied benefits for service and website owners. It works by caching content, therefore increasing page load speed, reduce server CPU usage and also reduce bandwidth usage. It also ensures that your website is vastly available because if your server experiences an issue, it automatically switches to another. Moreover, Cloudflare’s CDN offers superior protection by blocking threats before they reach your website. It’s arguably the best protection against distributed denial of service attacks.


How does Cloudflare work?

Cloudflare becomes part of your network immediately you activate it. This means that traffic to your site is routed through a global network of data-centers hence increasing its overall performance while also protecting your website against intrusions, planned attacks and other kinds of unauthorized activities.
Cloudflare also ensures that duplicates of static content that include CSS, image files and JavaScript are
stored, therefore helping optimize your web content. Your website gets served from a Cloudflare server that is situated nearest to your online visitors and this helps reduce load time drastically. If the server in the network is busy, traffic is routed automatically to the nearest server within the network.

Moreover, Cloudflare’s CDN helps in blocking threats and ensure that abusive robots are prevented from
reaching your server. This minimizes wasted bandwidth, while also helping to improve security.

Cloudflare works superbly well in both dynamic and static websites. However, it is not suitable for sites that stream audio and video from their server of origin. However, it’s compatible with videos such as those from Vimeo and YouTube.

cloud hostingHow to activate Cloudflare and start using it

Activating Cloudflare for your website is done through cPanel. However, you may register directly on the Cloudflare website if cPanel is not part of your website.
The setup entails adding Cloudflare name server to your registered domain and it will start filtering hack attempts, bad bots and many more that come to your website. This means that all the traffic that comes to your website will pass through Cloudflare first and this blocks any illegal access and spam, hence protecting your website all the time.


Cloudflare hosting

It’s important to know that Cloudflare is not a hosting company, but a content delivery network that sits between your website’s host and your website visitors, therefore guaranteeing internet security and improving loading speed.


HostMines Provides Free Cloudflare Railgun

You can active Free Cloudflare Railgun from HostMines cpanel of your website. We have partnered with CloudFlare to make Railgun both easy and affordable. If you purchase Railgun directly through CloudFlare, it costs $200/month. However, as we have partnered with CloudFlare and we provide Free Cloudflare with our every Cloud Shared Hosting plans.



Cloudflare is the best option for website and blog owners who want to speed them up, improve performance and security. It offers incredible security features while also providing a superior solution to websites that receive intermittent traffic. Since it sits between your web host and traffic, it blocks attacks, while guaranteeing the availability of your web page.


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