What Is Shared Cloud?

Cloud technology/ Cloud hosting can simply be defined as the delivery of computing services that are on-demand including applications, processing power, and storage. But even more precisely, with cloud hosting, companies or business does not have to own their own data centers or computing infrastructure. The companies simply rent the computing services which are delivered through the internet on the basis of a pay-as-you-go or fixed plan. Some of the biggest players in cloud services are AWS from AmazonMicrosoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

One of the main benefits of cloud hosting is that companies are able to avoid the complexity and upfront cost associated with not only owning but also maintaining their own computing (IT) infrastructure. Firms are basically just able to pay only for what they make use of and when they do that. On the other hand, with traditional hosting, companies or businesses pays for the whole resources of a server or more servers from the provider of the hosting service.

Another benefit of cloud hosting is that your data is able to be stored on different servers, unlike traditional hosting where your data is only stored in one server. That means that when one network is full of activity, you are able to still operate by employing the use of other networks that are not busy. Having multiple storage servers in cloud technology allows minimal downtime, faster website performance, and effective control of your data.

Cloud hosting is broadly divided into two categories which are cloud shared hosting and private cloud hosting. Consequently, here we majorly focus on Cloud Shared Hosting and why it is the right one for your business.


Hostmines Cloud Shared Hosting Is the Cheapest Web Hosting Pay per Year

Shared Cloud Hosting basically refers to a hosting plan having numerous websites hosted together. The multiple websites share a group of server resources including disk space, bandwidth, storage, databases, etc. Many of the top web hosting providers offer shared hosting on cloud servers.

Shared Cloud hosting is designed for the purpose of providing small businesses and individuals that have requirements that are fairly simple in a way that is reasonably priced so that they can use the services of cloud hosting. With Cloud Shared Hosting, you are able to pay for only the resources that you are using or you want to use and nothing more. For that reason, small businesses and individuals do not have to encounter resource wastage or pay for what they do not need or use.

Additionally, even if Cloud shared hosting plan hosts many users, a good number of cloud platforms are often able to offer up to 100 percent uptime. The reason is that the shared cloud hosting providers design their service in such a way that a network or/and hardware failure does not interfere with the whole operation/performance of the cloud. Furthermore, the possibility of data loss is almost non-existent as there is backing up of data using several hard drives.



In conclusion, having seen the general advantages of cloud hosting compared to traditional hosting and also the benefits of cloud share hosting compared to owning a cloud server, hopefully, we have made it possible for you to make an informed decision. I am alive of the fact that generally cloud technology is still a relatively new technology and that is why people and a business that has experienced traditional hosting are a bit reluctant to try something new. But if you want a hosting solution that is flexible, easily scalable, and low-cost then you need to adopt the use of cloud technology and of course, shared cloud hosting.

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HostMines Cloud Shared hosting

HostMines Cloud Shared hosting is built with multiple physical machines to act as one machine. Therefore with Cloud Web Hosting, visitors are accessing a group of machines. They are accessing several computer resources such as disk space, RAM, and computing power, which are added to make your website fly.

You can buy a tiny plan of 1GB at $14.40/year (is offered @ $1/year for 1st year) for a small website and higher plans for big websites.

Web hosting price per year
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