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Make your website safe, gain your customers’ trust, and boost your SEO rank with the free SSL certificate you get with every web hosting plan at HostMines.com.  Below is the reason, you should know why SSL is important for your website.


What Is SSL and How Does It Work?

Layer (SSL) refers to a standard encryption technology that serves to provide communication security between a browser and the web server. Put simply, the role of SSL is to make the information that you have entered into any website encrypted and safe.

The information is made safe from spoofers, spammers, hackers, and other people having evil intentions to unethically acquire and benefit from your sensitive personal information. It is because of the
importance of SSL technology in securing online transactions the reason why its use is employed by many websites, millions in number.


Importance of SSL

There are various reasons why SSL technology is popular and why many businesses across various industries use it. Some of the common reasons for using SSL include;


1. Offers Protection Against Hackers and Identity Theft

When your website employs the use of SSL, it means that the communication between the website and the customer is secure from identity theft, spam, hacking activities, and other notorious online activities. Users that belong to the same web service or website with an SSL are able to securely communicate with each other.


2. Increase in Financial Transactions Online

Over the last few years, there has continued to be an exponential rise in the number of transactions being executed online. Important transactions especially money-related are important to be secured by the right technology for the purpose of making such transactions secure and confidential. Using the SSL technology has made this possible and therefore the rise in online commercial transactions.


3. Increase Your Credibility and Customer Trust

Customers are able to identify whether you are using an SSL certificate or not. When your website is using the SSL encryption technology, in the browser address bar a security padlock is displayed. Visitors tend to automatically increase trust in your website or business if they identify that you take their privacy very seriously. Moreover, if your website does not use SSL, some browsers tend to label it as being “unsafe”.


seo4. SEO Boost

According to a study done by Pew Research Center, more than 68% of users of the internet strongly feel that there are inadequate laws for the purpose of protecting their privacy. It is because of the increasing need for online security the reason why Google adopted far-reaching measures for making the internet safer. One such measure adopted by the search engine giant is by making SSL certification an essential business/website ranking factor.  Since Google announced over three years ago that they would start giving priority to websites in their search results that use HTTP, many webmasters have followed suit and set it up for their websites.

Websites having SSL certification (HTTPS) have better SERPs standings compared to websites that do not have SSL certification (HTTP). Businesses having SSL encryption become more visible online or ranked higher as they are safer and more reliable, unlike unsecured domains.

Your website having SSL certification also helps in boosting traffic. Conversion rates of your website are able to be increased as your website is more credible in the eyes of clients/customers. Websites with HTTP are marked by Google to be “unsecured” and this results in them being pushed further down the SERPs.

In conclusion, having seen the importance of SSL technology for any website is the reason why we are offering you free SSL web hosting at HostMines in partnership with Let’s Encrypt. All domains and of course subdomains get installed automatically with SSL certificates for free, no hidden cost. With our free SSL web hosting service, your business is able to provide safety information for visitors and accept payments without any trouble.


What Is the Difference Between a Free Let’s Encrypt SSL and a Paid One?

Certificates created by Let’s Encrypt are functionally identical to any certificate you spent money for paid one. They are recognized as secure across all major web browsers and no configuration is required by user.  To ensure the certificate is active and valid certificate installed, the system checks multiple times a day, all websites are scanned and checked.  If not, the system automatically generates and installs it.


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