TOP 7 Google Search Tips and Tricks, you must know

02 December 2019
top google search tips and tricks

7 Useful Google Search Tricks

Google has become a part of our everyday life, so much that the word has become a verb. We don’t say Search on google, we just say Google it. This shows us how important it is.

These days, we use many Google services in our everyday life but today we will talk about google search which use of our everyday life as well.

So in this blog, we bring to you 7 tricks to make search on google easier and faster. It will tell you how to make your search more specific, also how to search for specific files like PowerPoint, word documents, excel files etc. It also tells you how to Search inside a single website.
Get a filtered search result instead of browsing search result pages. Download ebook, search for email or phone number, Job vacancies or anything just few tips get the desired search results on top.

Here are the 7 tips and tricks which makes google search more accurate and get the exact result you are looking for.

Tip #1: Suppose if I type “how to edit image in photoshop” as normal search. I will get following results.

But if I want PDF tutorial for it. I will add filetype:pdf at the end of my search query.
So there is example, I will search with “how to edit image in photoshop filetype:pdf”
Suppose you want powerpoint presentation on “coffee supply chain case study”
Search with “coffee supply chain case study filetype:ppt” and same way for word file
“coffee supply chain case study filetype:doc”

Let move to the next tip

Tip #2: Suppose you are a student and you are googling on time management.
you search with a query “how to manage time” and you will see lots of mix results.

To filer this search with more accurate result, you need to use “ + “ (plus) symbol at the end of query and add the desire word after the plus symbol

Example: how to manage time + student


Tip #3: This is opposite tip of tip2. Suppose if you don’t want anything in search result, you can use ‘ – ‘ symbol to subtract that word from search result.

For example: If you want information on apple company and search with with a keyword “origin of apple” but you will get results for apple fruit.

So you can use “- fruit” keyword along with search query to tell google that show all the results for apple excluding apple fruit.
And here is the result


Tip #4: If you are looking to search for a particular line or paragraph; you can instruct Google to search for an exact line or paragraph with exact word and spelling and nothing other than that.
Instead of thousands of search results, you will get only a few exact results on it.
For this, you need to use quotes ( “ ) at the beginning and end of a search query.

For example: “ reviews” and you will get only reviews for website.
hostplax reviews

Let’s also take one more example with long query. Suppose you want to find about the quote for
“You have to dream before your dreams come true” and here is the result.

You will now see all the pages where the quote is mentioned with the exact phrase “You have to dream before your dreams come true”

Suppose if you want to collect emails for training and placement jobs

Here is your search query “training and placement” + email


Now the next tip is very interesting. It’s on a different level.

Tip #5: Thinking! but do not remember much on it. You remember little on it.
wildcard ‘ * ‘ (asterisk sign) is use to fit any or anything.

For example:
It happens with us many times especially in case of songs. We remember few words of songs and rhythm.

Suppose there is a song in your blur memory of Jennifer Lopez and you are murmuring “hmm hmm hmm cost a thing” and you just remember only last 3 words “Cost a thing” of that song.

In this case you need to type a query “* * * cost a thing” to telling google that you remember only three words “cost a thing” and tell google dude you can replace anything for * what you want.
And here is the result…


Tip #6: You can tell Google to search from only this website.

Suppose you want to search for new related to Hong Kong protest and that only from BBC website.
Here is your search query Hong Kong protest


And there is the last tip for you.

Tip #7: Suppose you liked some website and you want to search for more websites like that.
You can use the word “related” word in your search.

Example: You like the website and you want to know where are the other same websites like this.

then here is your search query.

So guys don’t fail to share these useful tips with your friends.