HostMines Promotional Offer Worth $100,000 Hosting Giveaway

10 April 2019
HostPlax Giveaway web hosting offer

HostMines Web Hosting Company, A Division of Plax Corporation announced earlier to give away any of our web hosting plans at $1 for 1st year, but due to the high volume of signups, they come to a decision to spend a certain amount of $100,000 to be spent on signup promotion.

As said by Daniel Bretly the founder HostMines, to avoid any fake or fraudulent signup we have now come up with a limited budget of $100,000 to be spent on new signup promotions on “Starter Plan” only and the rest of the plans will be offered at FLAT 40% discount to new and existing clients.

As known from the source of management, it has been said that the expected new signups may be between 100 to 200 per month as per the current scenario. But as the news goes viral we may even get more signups and will continue until we reach the limit of our promotion budget.

As said by the founder Daniel B, behind this strategy of spending a huge amount on promotional offers is to give direct benefit to the client instead of spending funds on other marketing campaigns and advertisements. Because we are much confident about our service, support, and high-end cloud servers, which give the user enhance high-speed website browsing experience at the lowest cost in the hosting industry.

Our web hosting plan starts as low as $14.40 per year, is suitable for small, and medium businesses and professionals, and can be upgraded as you grow.

Most of the hosting providers still provide traditional hosting servers with spinning Hard Drive or standalone SSD servers. However, we use high-end cloud technology for superior performance and the lowest cost. We also provide the cheapest domain registration service with a wide range of domain extensions as low as $4.95 and $11.95/ year for .com domains.

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