Top Programming Languages in Demand

For beginners, there were so many doubts like whether to learn Java or C#. What are the other trending programming languages in the market? Where are they used? What is the market demand?

Here is what we will let you know about top programming languages in demand.

5. C#

C# is Microsoft’s product for building applications on the .net framework. It is a pretty powerful language that is used for different tasks, like designing Web Forums, developing Web Applications, Windows Applications, Console App.

C# is also used for developing games using the “Unity” game engine.

As a beginner C# is moderately easy to learn. 3-4 months for basics and around 2 years to become a fairly competent developer. But if you are already familiar with C++ and Java then learning C# will be like super easy for you.

4. Swift

Swift is the language used for developing apps for macOS, iOS, and WatchOS. Swift is becoming one of the favorites of software developers.

It is easier to read, easier to maintain, it is faster, safer and requires fewer lines of code.

So if you are an Apple fan and want to code for the future then Swift is for you. Swift was designed to reduce the gap between the human mind and computer operations. This is why syntax-wise, swift is pretty simple. Some say that you will just take around 3-4 months to start building apps with Swift.

3. Java

Java, the most common programming language in the world, well-paying jobs and great community support. Java is so versatile that it can be used to develop almost anything. Games, Android apps, Web apps, IoT, Cloud Development and it goes on and on.

Indirectly, you use java every day. When you logo to Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and LinkedIn.  The creators of java were strongly influenced by C/C++. So if you know your OOPS concepts then java is pretty easy to learn. But if you are absolutely new to programming then you might 3-6 months to learn the basics of java. But the good news is that community support is top-notch. So as a beginner, you will find a lot of help online.

2. Python

Next is Python which has been around for more than 25 years and is not in the mood to go anywhere. Even though it started as a scripting language but now it is a general-purpose programming language.

This means it can be used for almost anything like Web Hosting, Web Development, Game Development, Computer Vision which involves face recognition and color detection, and most importantly, Data Science.

Working with Python is a dream because it is readable, maintainable, and compatible with major platforms and systems. Python is like air. It’s everywhere but you can’t see it. Netflix recommending stuff to watch, that’s Python. Amazon recommends stuff to buy that’s also Python. Because Python is so heavy on Data Science and machine learning, it is used by Google, Youtube, and even the NewYork Stock Exchange.

Coming to ease of learning, Python as a language in terms of syntax and basics is pretty easy to learn. But then again, using Python to design algorithms that solve a complex problem depends on how smart you are and your experience.

Now before I tell you the #1 programming language here are 3 specials that didn’t mention in the list but are pretty important.


C is the foundation language and C++ was built on top of C is a very versatile language.  C++ if you master it, provides you with speed-enhancing and optimization techniques that improve performance which is why it is used in everything, from software development to gaming, and building desktop apps. Even applications like Adobe Premiere, Illustrator, and Photoshop are scripted in C++.

It is slightly difficult to learn but making it your first language has two advantages.

  1. You get introduced to fundamental Computer Science concepts like heaps, stacks, pointers, memory management etc.
  2. If you start with C++, then learning other languages like java/C# is going to be very easy.


Now SQL is not a programming language but it is a language for data manipulation. In the real-world, you have to deal with a lot of data. You can use C++/Java/C# for coding your functionality but in the backend, you need SQL for retrieving data, inserting records, deleting records, creating records, and granting permissions.


These days Flutter is making a lot of headlines in the mobile development world and yes, it is not a programming language. Yes, coming to that. Flutter is a mobile app SDK. What makes it so desirable is that it allows you to write an app in one codebase and compile to both Android and iOS. It is the primary method for developing apps for Google Fuchsia. And the programming language for Flutter SDK is called DART. Even though they are relatively new and not that stable, they have still been adopted by Alibaba, Google Ads and many more.

Now it’s time for #1 programming language on our list today, for the programming language of 2019.

1. JavaScript

ava and JavaScript both are poles apart. JavaScript is a Programming language for sure but it was invented to make web pages come alive. So instead of having a webpage that just sits there and does nothing, thanks to JavaScript, a webpage can now react to a user’s actions, ask questions to visitors, change the contents of the existing HTML page, and make things run on mouse click and pointer movements.

Basically, it makes a webpage dynamic. When your Facebook timeline is updated on your screen or Google suggests search terms based on a few characters that you type in the search box, that’s JavaScript in action.

Now, JavaScript is a client-side programming language which means as a developer you can start coding on the browser itself without having to set up a development environment. But the reason why JavaScript is #1 on our list today is that over the last few years, there has been mad development in the JavaScript language. For example,

  • The JavaScropt’s JSON file format is now one of the popular ways of transferring data.
  • Initially, JavaScript was just client-side but now NodeJS, which is the JavaScript runtime environment allows you to build servers using JavaScript.
  • Angular JS which is an MVC framework developed by Google that allows you to create crazy interactive web applications because it extends HTML with new attributes. Infact, the modern onepage Gmail application has been developed using AngularJS and a couple of other Frameworks.

Another reason for choosing #1 is it’s quite easy to learn. It might take around 1-2 months. But along with that add JSON, NodeJS, AngularJS, React to your skillset as well.

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